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128 Sun Worshippers Writer Trinie Dalton and musician Keith Wood are making the desert work. "We love the sun!" reads a text sent by prolific author Trinie Dalton from her home in Joshua Tree, where she lives with her musician husband, Keith Wood. In spite of their distance from the city, both the couple maintains impressive ties to contemporary culture. Dalton has penned and published six works of fiction, with a seventh, "Destroy Bad Thoughts, Not Yourself," out this spring. That, in addition to contributing regularly to Artforum, and writing a selection of art books. The couple sources endless inspiration from the desert's harsh climate and unforgiving topography. They are mesmerized by the way time in the desert seems to stretch out and by the atmosphere of survivalism that prevails. But more than anything, they revel in the large sky that dominates their environment. (Joshua Tree recently became designated as a 'dark sky' community; town codes now ensure that lighting at night is minimal.) "Since moving out here, I've become more sonically aware," says Wood. He boasts decades of solid touring as a singer-songwriter and guitarist under his belt, most recently with Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, with whom he formed the band Chelsea Light Moving. But these days, his primary focus is his personal band Hush Arbors, which he describes as rock 'n' roll with a dash of folk and a psychedelic twist. And if you listen closely to Wood's new album, slated to be released this summer, you just might hear the desert he adores. "I record outside sometimes. I just love the quality of the sound."

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